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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The importance of "tradition" in modern martial arts: What say you?

As some of you may know, I host a radio podcast called "Dynamic Dojo Radio", and we talk about subjects ranging from fitness, training methods, running a school, guest interviews, etc. This past weekend we briefly touched on the subject of "tradition in modern martial arts training", and I will be featuring this subject in an upcoming episode....probably in March.

However, I want to hear from you, the reader. For those of who train in martial arts, there are those that train in traditional, sport, or modern arts. How important is "traditional ettiquette" and "cultural martial traditions" in today's martial arts training venues?

I'm aware that there are many things to consider....such as "are you in a traditional Dojo?", "are you doing MMA?" and "what does you teacher/coach prefer?"  Granted, simple courtesy is number one....regardless of  martial style, regardless or whether or not your gym uses the language of the country the art us from, I would venture to guess that we all would value common courtesy...."Please", and "Thank you" and good sportsmanship to name a few.

Are you a modern arts practitioner that observes the traditional "salute" at the beginning or end of class? How important is it at your gym to address teachers by given titles? Do you find value in learning the terminology of the techniques you practice? (i.e. "Kiba dachi" for horse stance, or "chuan" for fist, etc). I'd like to hear your views....and maybe....have you on our upcoming radio episode discussing this very subject.

Sound off!