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Monday, October 20, 2008

Martial artists, what questions do people ask you?

Martial Artists...sound off! Stuff that people ask you that drive you absolutely batty......

I usually don't go around telling people I'm a martial artist, but when the subject comes up, I usually get a barrage of questions....questions that range from the actually sincere questions, to questions that make me wonder how many movies they've watched to get such dumb stereotypes.

Here are some I've gotten, along with my own commentary....If you're a martial artist, let me know what questions you've been asked.

1) Can you do a back flip? (been watching the Matrxi have we?)

2) Can you beat up Jackie Chan? (I usually just roll my eyes at this one)

3) Have you ever fought Bruce Lee? (

4) Can you break bricks? (Sure...the last brick I broke tried to attack me...but I sure showed it!)

5) Is it true that martial artists can kill people from way far away? (yeah, its called a gun. actually, I do think they're referring to "Dim Mak" or the "death touch")

6) how high can you jump?

7) c'mon, can you take someone as big as me on? (usually asked by antisocial guys that happen to be big and maybe had taken 6 months of some kind of martial art)

What questions have you been asked?

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