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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pleased to meet you..., I'd shake your hand, but.....

..."If you have a clenched fist, it is difficult to receive. If you let it go and open the fist, you have a hand. Then it is easy to receive...." -John Rogers, Peter McWilliams, from their book "Life 101"

I normally do not blog about topics such as my own personal beliefs, because honestly, I don't think its anyone's business if I believe in Christian beliefs, Buddhist beliefs or even the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But, here we go on the subject. Lately,  some friends and I have been discussing the topic of "acceptance" and the meaning of "spirituality". Does "Spirituality" only mean that one has to believe in a "one Diety"??. Although our discussions started out talking about different religion's views and wondering about some people's lack of acceptance of other people's beliefs solely because they do not match their own beliefs, I had to sit back and wonder why skeptics of Deity-beliefs are just about as hard nosed about the non-existence of Deities, as the believers are insistent that they do exist.

Either way, folks, its not going to prove your belief wrong if you actually listen to what the other side has to say. Most people would assume that I'm talking to extremist religious folk when I say that, but I'm also talking to the hard nosed skeptics. Both sides want to prove the other side wrong,....admit it already, both sides!. Skeptics will try to bring out tons of "scientific proof" that "God doesn't exist", or provide unanswerable questions to believers, just to stump the believers and make them realize their religious beliefs are merely superstition and are good for nothing except for superstition and ritual.

On the other hand, Religious folk will slate "proven" miracles, asking the scientific side "explain *that* with your science junk! Of course the skeptics will always find a scientific explanation.

Geez, all that work to prove your point. What's the point? Really.....WHAT'S THE POINT? The point really isn't whether or not a God or Higher Power or Source exists.....If you boil it down, all this arguing of "science is King" or "Jesus is King" is really just based on your own ego wanting to keep what you believe in, as your rock of proof. Its your justification for your personality and ego, if you really think about it.

When either side is closed-minded (i.e.....clenched fist), it going to be impossible to see the other point of view. Actually, its not a matter of "seeing" the other point of view (because gosh forbid....others might think you're not a skeptic (or a religious believer) anymore!), but respecting it. Open your least that way you can meet people properly, by shaking hands. Shaking hands doesn't mean the other person will magically convert you into a believer or skeptic. Get over it, folks.

There are extremists on both sides.....there are those skeptics that will troll the world for information that proves religious believers are wrong, and those that will try to cite timeline parallels between recorded history and their spiritual books to proof to skeptics that their deities exist.  And, on both side, sometimes it can get violent when people get angry that their beliefs are being questioned. Come on is NOT an insult to your intelligence, and your social standing is NOT going to drop a few notches just because you respect a religious person's view without trying to condemn it as "superstition".  And on the other hand, Religious people.....its not an insult to your god(s), nor is your social standing going to drop a few notches just because you respect a skeptic's person's view without trying to condemn them as "going to hell" or something like that.

Oh.....and for those of you wondering where my own beliefs are......I prefer to say that I follow a spiritual path, but I do not practice any orthodox religion. I believe, that the word "spirit" itself, does not necessarily *only* refer to God(s). I believe that the journey of raising awareness toward one's own consciousness of being and our relationship to anyone and everything is a journey toward Source. So there, I said it. 

 "Hi, my name is Restita....and I'm spiritually / energetically inclined....pleased to meet you.
Its a Pleasure to shake your hand."


Century Massage & Bodywork, Inc said...

Thanks for sharing, Rusty!

It's just so much fun to talk philosophy with others. It's even more fun to be able to talk to anyone or to a group of people who don't take things to heart and get insulted just because someone presented a different view on things.

As a kid, I've always asked the question, "what if...?" which got to where I am today. I am continually asking that question as an adult, "what if I were in that person's skin, what will I do? How would I react?"

There are times my emotions get the best of me, though I am willing to learn the what's, why's, and how's if someone is willing and patient enough to teach. And what I mean by teaching is to show their "arguments" without the yelling, screaming, and name-calling.

I really do believe that when someone (I should know!) becomes agitated and argumentative that there is something within that doesn't ring true. By arguing fervently, is a sign that s/he is trying to convince him/herself that "it's true." Of course, I am only talking and making observations from MY experiences. I am not making an argument that if it's true for me, then it's true everyone.

My not-quite-so-new mantra: Think with your mind. Live with your heart. Love with your soul. Live life to the fullest. Always....

- Lyn

Restita, Seattle Wushu Center said...

Good Mantra to live by, Lyn!