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Friday, January 18, 2013

Sharing an article....

Great article....just wanted to share this:
"Is thinking you're better than anyone else holding you back?"

As Mr. Rogers (of "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" series) always pointed out, we're all unique and special.....and that advice helped pull me out of a painfully shy childhood. Anyone that knows me now would probably say "What? You were shy?" Yes I was. Very much so. There are still pictures of me hiding behind my father, or tucking myself under my Mom's coat. School pictures didn't have smiles because I was too shy to show a smile. I would hide in my room when the doorbell rang. Needless to say, I had great friends growing up that helped my out of my shell, as well as Mr. Rogers. :)

However for some, knowing that we're all unique can sometimes give way to big Egos....the type where some may obviously (or even secretly) believe they are better than others and they're not afraid to toot their horn about it.

Sadly, sometimes I see this in the Martial Arts world. One style thinks they're better than another. A practitioner assumes that since they've had more "real world" experience that they are automatically better fighters that anyone else. Rivalries spring up, and schools compete like the Hatfields and McCoys. Many organizations go the way of "competition" with each other instead of "community".

I see this also in areas other than martial arts. Everyone wants to have their own niche in their industry, thinking their style or method is the best, all the while looking for faults in other people in the same industry just because others aren't doing it *their* way (which, is merely a *perception" of what "best" is). Those people forget that there are indeed people that are better, more experienced and more popular (and most likely don't go around with a big head).  But heaven-forbid that someone tell you that there are other ways and views. After all, you think you "created" your way.....the best way...."I'm the best", you think.

If there's anything all my teachers have taught....its "There's nothing new.....only different expressions.".

Just my two cents.

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