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Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School: Benefits of Martial Arts afterschool programs for kids during the school year

Summer is almost over, and kids all over the United States are gearing up for school. Whether they're attending the same school as last year, or a different one this year, kids will be transitioning from summer activities to classroom activities.

You've got all the gear for your child....but do they have that one thing that ties all the things necessary for optimal progress, such as work ethics, time management, and discipline?

Enter: Excercise.  Studies have shown that regular vigorous exercise helps children's brains keep fit, as well as keeping physically fit.

Kids naturally love to play and romp, and as adults we should encourage healthy play. While traditional games such as "hide and seek" are fun and helps develop cognitive skills, understanding rules of play, etc, scientific studies have shown that Martial Arts training helps in these aspects and MANY more. One of things that makes martial arts training different than, let's say, games of tag, is that good Martial Arts training will help a child develop a sense of self discipline that can apply to anything else in their lives. Studies have also shown that regular martial arts class attendance can help foster focus, goal setting & achievement, compassion, altruism....all aspects that can help children be well adjusted in school.

Afterschool Martial Arts programs are becoming more and more popular. These programs are usually open to K-8 grade kids, and run a few hours after school, on school days. Since parents can arrange for school their child's school bus to directly drop off their child at a martial arts studio with an afterschool program, it is a great way for parents to know that their child is safe, supervised, and getting plenty of exercise....and learning great life skills as well.

Many afterschool martial arts program provide supervised homework time (often a mandatory activity before any martial arts activity starts, martial arts training just like the regular classes, opportunities to test for belt rank, game days, and other great activities to keep the children engaged until pickup time.

Here at Body Movement Arts ("BMA"), Our mission is to provide a safe and fun venue for children after school, where kids can get their homework done alongside their classmates, make new friends,  get a rousing healthy workout, and learn leadership skills.

Our 2014 "Afterschool Warriors" program begins September 15th. Sessions are Monday through Thursday, open from 3:00 to 5:00 pm (allowed to stay for extra class till 6 pm for only $5 more). 

Here are the benefits of the program:

  •  "Homework Hubs" precede each day's martial arts class. Black belts and senior student kids available for questions. 
  • Students may test for belt ranks and receive the same benefits as regular club members (10% off special seminars and one free 30 minute private lesson per month).  
  • Kids will learn aspects of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino martial arts.
  • Only $139 per month. 10% discount for family members. (Filipino martial arts stick set is extra: $20 for a set of two Eskrima sticks)
  • On school breaks, members of the Afterschool Warriors may attend the regular classes of their age group.
  • Afterschool Warriors Signature red uniforms included with registration.
  • Current members can upgrade their membership to the AW membership by simply transitioning to the AW program fee for the school year.
For only $139 per month, parents can rest assured that their child is receiving the best afterschool activities, and getting their homework done before they come home!

Contact our Director of Children's programs to register your child at Body Movement Arts: Restita DeJesus, (206) 596-7880 9629      17th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98146

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