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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random thought: "Why is it??"....

In this post of "Why is it?", I'm going to ask some questions that I've wondered about for quite some time, but has nothing to do with my usual Martial Arts subjects...

Why Is It......

....(Help me out here, guys)....why is it, that some guys that are shirtless (or wear tank tops) on warm days, feel themselves up over their torse frequently? As I drove to the studio this afternoon, I saw 5 guys walking down the street at different times, all shirtless, using one hand to rub their chests or abdomens. It just looks funny. I've noticed that guys with tank tops do it too....they'll put their hand under the tank top to feel their stomachs or chests. I've yet to see a gal in a tank top or bikini do that (although I'm sure some guys wouldn't mind, eh?) Is this a "guy thing" only? Are they checking to see if their pecs and abs are still there? If so, why are they worried that their pecs or abs would all of a sudden disappear? What gives??

....Why is it that Cruiser motorcycle riders prefer to wear t shirts on warm days, and sport bikers wear their jackets? I'm an avid motorcycle rider (cruiser), but I prefer a full face helmet instead of the "beanie" style helmet, and ride with full armored leathers. I've tried to ride with a t-shirt, but it scares the bejeebers out of luck, the only time I ride without leathers is the day my rear wheel kicks out on a small pebble. Should I be a sport biker instead? :-) Is it more of "cruiser fashion" or "sportbike fashion thing?

...Why is it that people crossing against a walk light, tend to walk *very* slowly across the street? These are able bodied people...nobody in a wheelchair or walker or using a cane. Teenagers and adults crossing against the walk light, walking very slowly, oblivious that there are drivers trying to go through the intersection or turn right.....same people that tend to flip drivers the bird if drivers honk.

....Why is it that bill collectors call every 3 to 5 minutes? Is this a computerized auto-dial thing, or do these companies actually think that if you don't answer the phone because you're in the shower, that you're going to be done 3 minutes later? Is it so the nagging calls force you to answer? I spoke to a credit card rep today, arranged for sending a payment, and the calls kept coming. Uh, is that my phone ringing?

....Why are there so many so called "experts" in subjects that these "experts" have never experienced? The other day I was chatting with a guy in a long line at Sam's Club warehouse store. I only had a few items, and he noticed my chaps and boots (I had taken the motorcycle to the store). We got to talking, and somehow we got on the subject of effective braking skills.

"Ya know, gals tend to use the front brake a should never use your front brake that much because you can throw yourself over the front of the bike that way. Are you a front brake person?"

"Uh, yeah. The front brakes provide around 70 percent of stopping power.....I've been taught to squeeze the brake, not grab at it". Use of both rear and front brakes is effective for quick controlled stops as I was taught in motorcycle safety class."

"Hmm. Well I guess if you think you know what you're doing...And people that are at stop lights with only one foot on the ground...that's idiotic, don't they know they're supposed to have both feet on the ground?"

-inner voice: "WTF?" "Um....maybe you only caught these people with one foot on the ground, at a stop light on an incline. Its common to use the rear brake to hold the bike so they don't roll backwards while they engage the clutch and throttle waiting for the gear to catch in."

"Its always the gals that think they can ride those big twins, they should stick with scooters".

-inner voice: "you gotta be kidding". "Do you ride?" I asked

"Nope. You'd never catch me on a two wheeled death trap".

Okay then. Oh, my turn at the checkout.....get the heck outta there!

Only gals use the front brake or put their (left) foot down when coming to a stop? I guess my guy friends that ride are secretly gals??? :-)


Do any of you out there have any "why is its"??

Post 'em up here in the comments!

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Zen said...

I always ride with full helmet, and jacket when cruising on the bike, but never on the boat.

Thanks for the links you must be why my hits picked up.

Peace sista.