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Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Is It....???

A random thought from left-field.....Sometimes, we just have to ask, "Why is it....?? Some of these are martial arts related, some are not.

1) Why is it that when people learn that you're a martial artist, they have to make the usual "Oh, I better not make you mad or you'll kick my butt" comment?
- As if we would hit you if you made us mad? Come on, that just makes us look stupid and out of control.

Last week I ordered lunch at Taco Time and the cashier said "Oh, I better make sure the kitchen makes your burrito right, because we know you can kick our butts!"

"What? Pardon me?" I asked with a dumbfounded expression. It was then I realized I was wearing my "Eat-Sleep-Kung Fu" t-shirt. :-)

2) Why is it that when people learn that you do Tai Chi, they ask if you're Taoist, Buddhist, vegetarian, liberal, a pacifist, or if you've been enlightened yet?
- I wonder where the stereotypes came from! These same people will be shocked and appalled when you tell them Taijiquan is a *martial art*. I've had people quit classes when they found out we did push hands and application drills in my Taiji class. This, after I told them that we do contact exercises in the classes....makes me wonder what they thought Taiji was.

However....I do find it funny when people are surprised when they find out I'm not vegetarian.

3) Why is it, that if you're in your car and waiting at an interesection to turn right while people are crossing the street.....why do they not step up directly on the sidewalk?.....instead they turn slightly to walk down the street *that you're turning onto*, in your car's path.... meaning you cannot really turn right anyhow.
- Baffles me. Moreso when they wave and acknowledge us waiting for them to cross, but end up walking down the street in front of our cars anyway.

4) Why is it that most of the people I see illegally parking their cars in handicapped spaces at the store, are obviously fit and healthy, running out of their vehiciles, and usually wearing an athletic warmup suit or similar?
- I've seen this happen at every store I've been to for the past week. I just don't get it. Do they realize how dumb it looks to be jumping out of their big 4X4, wearing Addidas warmups and literally jogging to the front door? What, they've done too many miles on the elliptical that they can't park another few spaces over in a non-handicapped space? They're not handicapped....they're just freaking lazy.

5) Why is it that people feel compelled and so self important as to cut in lines?
-I waited in a long line to get checked out, only to have a young couple put their overfilled cart directly in front of me. The woman looked at me, looked at my cart, and turned back around. Before I could say anything, the guy behind me said "Hey ma'am, the back of the line is over just cut in front of this lady". To which the Woman said "And excuse me sir, you can mind your own damn business". So I piped in, I've been standing in this line as long as everyone else...last I checked, you don't seem to be a celebrity I recognize!" "You can mind your own damn oriental business too" the woman said. I retorted "It becomes my business when people are so ignorant they don't even know the difference between oriental, Asian, or Pacific Islander."


Another cashier opened up and offered the 3 people behind the rude couple to get checked out. When I left, The couple was still waiting behind other full carts. Touche!

6) Lastly, why do people sometimes use the word "motivation" when they really mean to use the word "ulterior motive"?
- I love speaking of motivation and goal seeking to my martial arts students.... Motivation is wonderful, and is a definite building block to attaining goals and intentions. However, keep in mind....are you doing this or that for some type of greater good, or only doing things primarily for your own selfish gain? Don't disguise your deeds as all wonderful when you are really justifying (or convincing yourself of a) reason that its okay to do what you're doing or okay to manipulate others for selfish, self-absorbed, self-serving gains. "In the end, after the game, the King and the Pawn go back into the same box".

Looking forward to seeing what you all would be interested in adding to the "Why is it??" list. *Feel free to comment and add your own*, and I'll try to compile your answers into a new list for a later blog post.


Wim Demeere said...

Why is it that every time I am in a hurry, they just started road works along the entire route I have to take?

Wim, who was in three consecutive traffic jams because of Belgium's inability to plan ahead when maintaining it's roads. Grrr....

Restita, Seattle Wushu Center said...

Wim, I wholeheartedly understand! Major roadwork is being done here on a few main interstates, and worse yet, on local main streets. The local streets near my studio are torn up badly.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that almost no one in this world values their word enough to keep it even if something "better"comes up. I'm old enough to have grown up with a generation whose word was their reputation and the measure of their character. If people are going to change their mind just because it becomes less convenient for them, they should never give their word in the first place. The most common excuse "I got busy". No matter that you've expectantly waited for them and put aside other options yourself because of their word. Do people expect trust in any other area if they don't do what they say?