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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 8: Eureka! No's "Yreka"...

We got into the old mining town of Yreka about 5:30 pm today. We couldn't ride in the heat any longer. The haze from the Napa fires aren't out this far, so the sun was just beating down through the clear sky.

About 30 miles back, we got gas in a small town (forgot the name) and just the 5 minutes of going inside to pay and pumpng our gas made us sweat like pigs....I was starting to get that weird light headed "white vision". Everything felt better after we got moving again..I normally don't ride with my jacket unzipped, but I left my jacket halfway unzipped so the air would circulate through.

It felt so good to get the sweaty gear off at the motel! After unloading the bikes, we went into town to find food. We ate at a Chinese restaurant called "Ming's",....pretty tasty food in a small town!

We're relaxing the room now...but I don't get internet access at the moment here (lyn's smartphone isn't getting internet either) this blog will be posted tomorrow (June 28).

What! No internet! Geez.

(pics above are of us clowning around in Yreka, and that sunny picture with the bikes?.....don't touch the bikes, everything on the bikes is blazing hot!)

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