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Monday, June 23, 2008

moto trip: day 1

After spening an evening trying to determine the best packing job for our legguage and gear, Lyn and I finally got our bikes ready to go at around midnight on friday night. Lyn spent the night at my house, and we awoke to my Mom who was being sweet and sent us off by making us pancakes for breakfast.

We went to pick up Anna Marie, then we headed off to the "end of the quarter" party for the Wushu class. Lots of great food and great company to start the journey....

We left the party early to go to the studio to wish the kung fu students much luck for their exams . I was bummed that I'd miss their test, but I know they'd do well.

Off we go! A relatively good ride to Eugene, where we stayed with "couchsurfing" members Sean and Teresa. Wonderful couple and great people!

In the morning, the plan is to visit Crater Lake then get to Ashland to a motel.....

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