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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moto trip: Day 3

We stayed at the Econo-Inn at Ashland sunday night....and did we ever sleep like logs! I remember saying "nighty-night" to Lyn and Anna, and "poof" I opened my eyes and it was morning already.

After filling up on coffee and waffles at the complimentary continental breakfast, we packed the bikes up for the long ride to Elk Grove.

The freeway was full of nice sweeping curves....I definitely didn't get en-tranced from the a bike's drone like I did once on a looong straightaway. A very scenic ride. I almost threw one fist up in victory when we passed the sign that said "Welcome To California", but we were passing an 18-wheeler so I passed on the celebration. :-)

I briefly thought about asking if we could stop in Weed, just so I could get a pic of me next to a sign like "Welcome to Weed". :-)

I could feel "success" nearing as the miles flew behind us. "145 miles to Sacramento" turned into 100, which turned into 50, which turned into 45 miles to Sacramento......then....

.......SWITCH---OFF......Like a big transformer clunking loudly as all power is shut down, the last leg of our ride was unfortunately delayed. Anna's bike lost all power...right there on the freeway, while going 80 mph......

I heard a different sound coming from Anna's bike (I was riding 2nd in formation so I heard her bike clearly)....she suddenly slowed, and went to pull over. I was following about 1 second behind, and desperately tried to slow from 75 mph to 15 mph in a very short distance, so as to not run into Anna as she pulled in front of me on her way to the right shoulder. Lyn almost ran into me in the process, but we made it to the side of the freeway safely.

We all dismounted. Lyn checked the oil registering on Anna's dipstick. "Oh crap" I thought. "I hope the engine didn't sieze up" .

Lyn ran 4 miles down the freeway to buy oil for Anna's bike Some oil put into the crankcase, and her bike started right up. A mile down the road, the bike died again. No obvious leaks, no loss of lighting, no loose wires or fouled spark plugs. That's it....time to call a tow truck!

The first tow company that Lyn called, was no help at all. After telling the guy at the shop that we were "7 miles south of Arbuckle and 44 miles north of Sacramento", and after clearly explaining the situation, the guy said " well, the tow would be cheaper for you if you take the bike to Sacramento".

"What? I'd mentioned...the bike is DEAD....won't run...."

*click* Lyn hung up.

Called another place in Elk would take about an hour to get to us, but at least we could take the bike to my sister's. The hour was taking forwever....I had to pee badly, and was about ready to find a place by the side of the road....but there was no place to go without drivers seeing. Anna said screw it and went ahead to use the bathroom......I passed on the experience because I didn't want briars in my underwear!

Long wait for the truck, but after the truck got there, Lyn and I took off for the nearest Chevron to gas up and use the bathroom. Whew! I thought I was going to injure myself from holding it!

We figured that Anna and the tow truck would get to my sisiter's house first....but Lyn sure was riding like a bat outta hell....80 the dark, with other drivers tailing me. I had to concentrate on the fast 1 hour ride because my contacts were being blurry. I I lost sight of lyn, I wouldn't be able to tell her tail light from a car's tail light.

On the way to my sister's, we managed to catch up with the tow truck....geez, we must've been going fast. Eek!

Made it to my sister's house. We all went to In n' Out Burgers for food, then crashed.....another long day!

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