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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moto trip: day 2

Crater lake was sooo much fun. I've never seen a lake so blue in all my life. There was still many feet of snow there, but thankfully the roads were dry. The ride to Crater Lake was beautiful as well, with lots of twisties. There was on part of the road near the lake that consisted of a lot of switchbacks.....that was "interesting" on my cruiser!

We stayed in Ashland sunday night, ate at an Indian restaurant that had the BEST chicken Korma I've ever had! We tried to convince the owner to move to Seattle, since he was looking to move anyway due to slow business. But alas, he's planning on taking on a Qdoba chain .....darn it.

Funny how long tours on a bike can warp one's sense of time. I've heard a few other bikers talk about "time-hold awareness....where there's this weird sense of disorientation yet full awareness of "now". The disorientation happens when we actually check a clock and wonder why its the time it is, based on the experiences of the day. For me, time feels as if it stopped, in a way. I'm a little in a weird state...not a bad state....just a little "weird". I don't quite know how else to explain it. I do know that my bike feels like a "part" of me now, as opposed to me merely controlling it.

Tomorrow....its off for the ride to my sister's house in Elk Grove California.

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