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Monday, June 30, 2008

Moto trip: day 10, Newport, Rockaway Beach, Canon Beach, Astoria

What a beautiful ride up the Oregon coast!! I've never been on hwy 101 before, and I'm glad I got the chance to ride it!

After leaving Reedsport, we continued up the coast on a chilly ride....exceptionally cool on the coast the last few days. Stopped in Newport for a hot bowl of chowder (yum!).

Nearing Rockaway Beach, I saw what I thought was a bird that Lyn rode over. It appeared that feathers exploded all over the place. Turns out, as I passed the "bird", I found that the "feathers" were dollar bills! Her wallet fell out of her jacket pocket and her cards and money were blowing all over the road. "Uh oh, something dropped", lyn told Anna Marie over the intercom. We immediately pulled over......

Lyn ran up the road to get her wallet....wasn't easy since there was traffic whizzing by. She got all her stuff, thankfully. Needless to say, I checked all my pockets and made sure they were zipped up!

Stopped off at Canon Beach to take some pics, then off to Astoria to stay with member, Andrew.

Nice guy, and very hospitable. We all went to St. George brewhouse to meet some gal-buddies of his, for live music and beer. We were all so tired...after getting back to Andrew's place, I blew up my mattress and was out till 7:30 the next morning......

(pics are of Canon Beach, and with Andrew just before leaving his house)

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