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Friday, June 27, 2008

Tar snakes and trucks.....

I hate semi trucks. Not the people who drive them...just the trucks. Those 18 wheelers kick up the darndest things onto the road......

We were coming into Redding, passing a bunch of semis in the slow lane. I gripped the tank lightly with my legs as we passed, because the wind blasts were pretty gusty. Just as we passed the last truck, I heard a "thump" as the truck ran over a piece of tire. The pieces of rubber kickedover into my lane, quick as a flash! I swerved to the left and saw it bouncing toward my right leg....I lifted my foot but it caught my toe then bounced right into my shin. Yowch. I'd much get kicked hard in the thigh with a good roundhouse kick. I looked behind to see if Lyn encountered it, and it appeared that she was okay..

Boy, it hurt. We pulled over about 3 miles later. Turns out, after the rubber (the size of a baseball base) hit me, Lyn ran over it behind me.

Ugh. Can't wait to see what the bruise is going to look like.

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