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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dick's burgers flown into Cali from Seattle!

Ha ha! My brother-in-law had a business meeting in ironic, we got into Elk Grove and he had to leave the next day for Seattle.

He called this afternoon, just before his flight back home, asking if we wanted anything......and a few hours later, we had...Dick's burgers!

Diana said "Wow, I'm surprised you ordered a burger, 'cuz you can get those anytime at home..."

"Yeah, but I got it for the experience of having Dick's burgers flown in from Seattle!" I answered. :-)

Lyn provided "dinner music"..she borrowed Thomas's guitar and sang "Daddy's Home" when Thomas wheeled in his suitcase. Then we sang all sorts of other songs before we decided to make some grilled cheese was like a campout in the family room! We still need to finish our laundry and packing for our ride out tomorrow morning.

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