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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moto trip: Day 4

What day is today? Feels kind of funny not being sure of the day. I usually spend a lot of time on my bike during the weekends, so I think I might be on "permanent weekend".

Anna got her bike towed to the local Harley dealership. Hopefully they'll find out what's going on with her bike before we have to leave on Friday.

Lyn and I washed the insect carcasses from our bikes today. Yuk! On our way to my sister's last night, I could HEAR the bugs slapping into my 2 minutes I watched my windshield go from clear to covered. Eeew. My saddlebags, my jacket, chaps, boots, were covered in bug parts and bug innards. Funny my helmet didn't get much at all.

Taking my bike to the shop in the morning for an oil change....gotta get to bed now!

My sister Diana took us to a wonderful restaurant, "Savory Chicken", which has the best Filipino style fried chicken and gravy I've ever had! I wish there was one in Seattle!

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